Purpose and Functions of Educational Psychology

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First, you must understand what Education really is in order to understand the purpose and function of Educational psychology. And what is Psychology?

The study of psychology is concerned with the study of mental properties, whereas education is concerned with instruction.

Upon reading this article, you will gain a better understanding of educational psychology’s purposes and functions:

What is Educational Psychology?

Psychology applied to education falls under the category of applied psychology. Psychologists study individuals from the perspective of their learning process in this branch of psychology.

This section examines people in their educational environment. There is a reciprocal relationship between psychology and education.

The goal of educational psychology is to understand how humans learn and how they should be taught.

It is studied how humans perform when they learn. Educational psychology is the study of human learning through logical and experimental methods.

What is the Purpose and Functions of Educational Psychology?

One of the primary purposes of educational psychology is to encourage and promote effective teaching and learning. Additionally, it improves an individual’s learning method.

Learning how to use your mental power and strength as a teacher can be learned through the study of educational psychology.

Hence, educational psychology is primarily concerned with promoting teaching and learning methods.

What is the Importance of Educational psychology?

The importance of educational psychology can be attributed to several factors:

  1. The goal of educational psychology is to understand the components and aspects of the lives of students.
  2. Education relies heavily on psychological principles since they provide the basis for learning.
  3. An education psychologist primarily focuses on how children develop their ability to learn and how they learn effectively.
  4. Students are encouraged to act politely with teachers and other elders as a result of this strong bond between student and teacher.
  5. Rather than creating their own problems, children learn problem-solving skills in school by studying psychology.

What is the Scope of Educational Psychology?

Education psychology is a vast field that continues to grow with ongoing research due to its vastness. We cover a very wide range of topics in our field.

Disciplines and areas of application of educational psychology are described.

The primary focus of educational psychology is on three areas:


In the process of learning, learners play an important role. Whether the learner learns quickly or slowly depends entirely on him/her.

The learning stage is a time when problems are common, and educational psychology can help solve them.


The study of educational psychology teaches us how to learn. Furthermore, it describes the steps and factors that influence our learning process.

Learning is facilitated by teachers in a major and significant way. Teachers can develop their students’ maturity through educational psychology.

Students can be interested in their work when they are taught by their teachers. Educators help students develop self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-respect.

The fact is, I wonder how a teacher can be effective without even a basic understanding of educational psychology. The most important thing is to understand your students, not just a specific subject.”


A learning process involves evaluating what you have learned, forming opinions about what you’ve learned, and making judgments about what you’ve learned.

Therefore, educational psychology can be used to evaluate the outcomes.

Unless you know what the outcomes are, you cannot learn effectively.

Reading this article, you may now be familiar with “Educational Psychology and its Purpose and Function”. You have gained a better understanding of psychology’s use and role in education.

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