Is Formal Education in Pakistan Really Worth It in 2024?

(Degree) Formal Education Worth it?

Please, read it completely or don’t bother to read even a paragraph because getting half of my thoughts are the same as we say A little knowledge is a dangerous thing (Neem Hakeem Khatra e Jaan).

Personally, I don’t care much about the degree but I value it, meanwhile few of us don’t value it from the roots, but some people agree with the statement too which says:

“degree is nothing, we shouldn’t study at all, we can learn from Internet or through self-learning because education system is not good and we’re not being taught practically etc”

I know the education system in Pakistan is not good enough, if there are some better institutes then a poor can not afford the fee to get a better education.

It is clearly (but hiddenly) written outside of some good institutes as compared to others in common in our country.

“A Bit Better Education is not for Poor”

I know mostly orthodox teachers are left with us, they don’t want to go further and we students don’t want to go back. This is how going on, bright students exceed in the life within their field but if someone couldn’t do anything becomes a teacher.

“We have very few teachers in our country, who’re teaching with passion”

I also know what we forget to mention that we students are also not doing good enough, we ask our friends to write an assignment for us, we simply do Ctrl C + Ctrl V + Words Spinning = Assignment submitted.

It’s very rare to see people spending most of their time in a library or in a computer lab, or in chemistry, bio, physics lab to learn what we call “self-learning”. We spend our time with friends/Gfriends in cafe, outing, parties etc. We will study a day before an exam.

So, we’ve learned that Whom to blame?

  • Education System
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • who else?

A lot to discuss with problems but enough for what I am trying to say.

After these all, some people say and even suggest to others that don’t go for further education, it’s a waste of time.

I somehow a lit bit would agree to some extent but we (working online) think that if we can earn without being a degree holder then everyone can, which I say is not true.

Whatever it is, Formal education, I believe it’s important for the following reasons:

  • You get the environment that you can find nowhere else.
  • Cramming doesn’t work completely but sometimes a concept gets cleared when you read something.
  • You learn from others too in your environment, you get different minds to interact.
  • You have minds that somehow matches you, as they’re studying same subjects as you are, some of them we call bright minds or dull minds and normal minds, we get to interact with all types of mind.
  • We discuss different things and we get different ideas.
  • People feel teachers are not up to their marks but still, they are elder to you and can teach you some things and lessons, if not of a subject then a life.
  • We get networking as well for our whole life and not from our field alone but from other fields of interests too.
  • Dressing, punctuality, routine, and forcing yourself to read are important to mention too.
  • We get a chance to read or cram books which we don’t get without environment as we all are not so much books lovers.
  • We cram but still, we learn, our teachers don’t teach us well but still, we learn whether it’s small or big but we learn.

If I am writing in English or can express my thoughts, not only that if you’re reading and understanding my words then trust me an uneducated guy hardly will able to do so.

At least, we can write, read and speak to some extent and that’s because of a bit of education dose we got.

Alright, if you’re not into businesses or Computer field (and online thing especially) then you may think education will not help you much, which is wrong but let’s suppose it.

But truth to digest is that you can not become a doctor and get a job in any reputed hospital, no one is gonna allow you to make bridges or building based on your experience or knowledge alone, they’re surely gonna need to see your Degree.

Let me name a few more professions i.e Lawyers, Judges, Government Administration, Police Officers, Teacher at any Government University etc.

Except for businesses, you can not get a suitable job to earn some pennies without a degree and realize it please, that everyone cannot do business. Being realistic here.

Myths, Untold Stories, Controversy —- College Drop Out are Successful?

We often say, oh look at Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk to names a few are college dropouts and see how well successful they are.

Do you know Bill and Mark are dropouts from Harvard, HARVARD Man!, that’s not a joke and that’s a big name and they had such brilliant education that we can not compare with our Bachelor programs.

Let me tell you an interesting fact, they mostly hire toppers from Harvard and Oxford which are well-reputed Universities.

They’re hiring such brilliant minds then where are you standing? And they’re into Business, except that get a job and correct me that I am wrong in my opinion.

You’re seeing them as a role model because they are among millions who are rich, successful and drop out dudes. Go and research some stats on unsuccessful dropouts.

Our country literacy rate and other developed counties literacy rate are incomparable, developed countries tend to have very literacy rate but we being underdeveloped country citizens are thinking it doesn’t add any value to us.

There are two sides of the coin, we focus on one (success stories) but we never on the second side of the coin (stats of unsuccessful stories). We are more theory lovers, we’re not ready to be realistic.

Unsuccessful CollegeDropouts? Why anyone would discuss them? Who discuss failures? But if you research how many people drop out every year and what they’re doing, the statistics will surprise you.

The thing is, you only hear about the ones which are successful. The ones which end up failing are forgotten.

Millions of people have dropped out of college and then picked up a job in a factory or something like that. Not all of them are Mark or Bill. Again be realistic here, please.

There are many links to give you but I found this one alone suitable to share as you might know their brands.…/successful-entrepreneurs-with-…/.

Simple is that, meet few guys with graduate degree and guys without a degree, spend a day with them, talk to them. Whatever it is, you feel a difference for sure.

In the end, Formal Education (Degree) is Not Everything but a Formal Education (Degree) is Something, that’s still important no matters what, why and how it is.

I request you all, please don’t brainwash anyone, let people get the education even encourage them with right direction and tips.

If you want to drop out, don’t beat the drums, you know better what you’re doing but never encourage anyone to drop out. You might survive without formal education but it’s not necessarily everyone can do the same.

If you want to drop out, please make sure, you’ve got a plan in mind to do after dropping out. You should know what you’re doing. Crying over spilled milk won’t help later.

I can write more and I wish to write more on this topic but I want you to read and understand it as well, so ending up here though it’s already a long novel book. So, read this article for more.

I would love to hear your thoughts, you’re welcome to expose your opinion.

Thanks for Reading.

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