How to Choose a Good Niche for your Blog – Beginners Guide

In this article, I will write about How to Choose a Good Niche for your Blog. Before starting let me define what is the niche word actually means? and then I will write further on selecting a great niche for your blog. So keep reading and learning.

What is a Niche?

Niche is a term used in blogging for the mean of category or a specific area of interest. You may have seen some blogs that only contain articles about health. It is because health is selected as a niche for their blog.

Also, you may have seen some blogs only contain IT-related content which is due to the fact that they selected IT as their niche.

Niche is like the pipeline of your blog. For a beginner, Niche selection is the most difficult step in blogging.

A Niche selection is not just a two-word topic. Your blog is wholly solely dependent upon your Niche.

Niche has many impacts on your blog.

So selecting a suitable niche is the way to your success. People reading my article this moment might be taking niche selection as an easy topic as I took it easy at my beginning level.

But trust me it is not at all easy. Niche selection is quite difficult.

As I said in the previous articles that you should select a niche of your interest because you can write very best over your area of interest.

But keep in mind your niche could be the niche of many other people as well and they can write more perfectly on that topic.

Keep in mind that you are living in this technological era and of course an era of competition. There is immense competition in the field of blogging and this competition is increasing day by day.

But still, don’t lose hope and don’t get scared of blogging.

After reading my article you will be able to search your niche and by that niche, you will be ranked on Google and will gain traffic for sure.

What is Niche Blogging?

By the term niche blogging, it means that your blog is all about specific niche-related content. You target a specific field in your blog.

Niche blogs follow one-track mind:

Niche blogs are created only when you have one goal and one focus in your mind. The purpose of your blog should be one and only one. Your blog should be run with one-track mind.

My personal experience of Niche Selection:

I could give you some tips and recommendations but still, the problem arises with some people like me that they understand much better but they fear to implement.

So I would rather share my personal experience with you that can prove much helpful and beneficial for you. I was also a beginner like all my respected readers.

So I can understand the mind and viewpoints of my readers much better. And for sure I will be successful in transferring my views too.

So here I am sharing my personal experience in choosing niche selection.

How to Polish your Writing Skill:

In the start, I wrote articles for other people’s blogs and that was the very first and initial step of my learning that proved really helpful and from there, my interest in blogging was generated.

Tip: If you ever get a chance to write articles for your friend’s blog or whoever it is, avail that chance. This is my very first advice to you people because, by my personal experience, I have observed that writing for someone else’s blog is the first step to polish your skills and increase your experience.
Rehmat Ullah

And during this process, you will learn about all these things. It is quite beneficial for that blog owner and in turn for you too.

So never miss a chance to write on someone else’s blog. With that opportunity, you could easily select the niche for your blog easily.

Now again I come to my personal experience. When I get to know how to blog so I thought why not start my own blog.

I researched carefully about everything and finally decided to start my own blog.

How to Choose a Good Niche for your Blog:

The very first thing that raised in my mind was that I am going to start my own blog but still I am unaware of my area of interest.

I got really worried and searched a lot but sometimes that search gave me nothing except disappointment.

I not only searched myself but I also preferred to seek suggestions from my seniors, my juniors, my friends, my siblings, and most especially from my mentors.

Some of them gave me excellent ideas upon which I could give it a thought. Others gave me ideas according to their fields. Some people really encouraged me.

During this time, Some people badly discouraged me. Some people behaved in a completely neutral way like in a way of ignorance that either your blog gets success or not we don’t care.

These sorts of discussions and chats really disappointed me in a bad way.

But there are people who always stay beside you and keep pushing you up to remain constant over your decisions.

Tip: Please don’t think of yourself as a super power. Do seek suggestions from others. It will not at all give you any harm. It will always give you benefit and will only increase your knowledge.
Rehmat Ullah

Now after all such discussions, at last, I succeeded in finding my niche. As I was an IT student. So I preferred to select the niche related to my own field.

So I selected Information Technology (IT) as the niche of my blog. The reason for selecting this niche for me is that as I am an IT student so I could write better on topics and problems that people are searching for.

How to Learn and Earn from your Niche:

The benefit for me in choosing this niche was that I learned new things regarding my field that were really beneficial for me in my studies as well as for my blog too.

Tip: So my next tip to my readers is that kindly select a suitable niche for yourselves. If you are professional and you are doing job or business then you can select anything and can write over it because you have plenty of time for searching, understanding, and writing.
Rehmat Ullah

But if you are under education then please try to select a suitable niche of your choice related to something your field.

It will give you much academic success and will be helpful and beneficial for your blog too.

A little drawback of selecting something completely different from your field is that you could not search properly, you cannot understand accurately, and obviously, you cannot write it perfectly.

But side by side you have to keep in mind that you have to write something really unique because you own a blog and you need ranking and traffic for your blog. You will gain this ranking and traffic on the basis of your keyword research and unique content.

I give you my example; let’s suppose I select business as my niche although I am not a business student. So what will be the problems that I will be facing?

I won’t be having any idea of how to write on business. I would have to spend a lot of my time studying business. This could harm my study time.


So the reason for all such discussion on How to Choose a Good Niche for your Blog is that you have to select a niche of your choice and it would be good enough if it is regarding your own field.

Because you have command over your field and you can write with full confidence over that topic. When you will write for your blog, it will help you in gaining academic success and will prove successful for your blog too.

Most importantly, you should not discourage and bored with your work due to other people’s suggestions. Do it with your full interest and passion. You will get the reward for your hard work for sure.

I hope that after reading this article you will be feeling a little bit relaxed. And you will surely find a suitable niche for yourself when you will try and understand each and every word of my article.

Thanks for reading the article on How to Choose a Good Niche for your Blog. Leave a comment if you still face any issues in selecting a niche for your blog.

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