Introduction to Blogging for Beginners/Newbies – (2019 Guide)

Introduction to Blogging for Beginners
Introduction to Blogging for Beginners

In this article, I would like to write the introduction to a blog for beginners and explain briefly about blogging. Because nowadays blogging is very common and almost everybody is interested and in search of how to blog, why to blog, and from where should start a career in blogging.

I would touch all the important and beginning points regarding blogging so that after reading this even beginners/newbies will be encouraged to come to the field of blogging.

The meaning of a Blog:

The blog simply means adding up new material on a daily basis or sharing your views regarding your area of interest on a regular basis with your readers.

Definition of a blog:


A Blog is like your diary or magazine in which you can share your views, your observations, and your opinion regarding something and most importantly the knowledge with your readers without any hesitation.

And make sure that you update and post all such material on a regular basis to make your blog and your readers active.

Daily posting could create a very positive impact on your readers and viewers.

Difference Between Blog and a website:

Now the question may arise in your mind that what is the difference between a blog and a website? So let me clear your mind.


website is something like your online store where you can buy and sell products or where you can avail of the services provided to you.

The website is static it can’t be updated on a regular basis. It is fully professional.

It is a need for a business today like each company either of mobile phones or clothing etc. has their website.

blog is something like your diary where you share your knowledge on a regular basis.

It is interactive means you can interact with some people in a day and could create a strong network.

Make sure that the information that you are sharing is accurate, informative and educational.

What is Blogging:

The skills required for running a blog is called blogging. These skills include SEO (Search Engine Optimization), How to Publish Posts, What are the themes, plugins, affiliate marketing, etc.

what-is-bloggingTo be a successful blogger and make your blog successful, you need to be expert in the following:

  1. You need to have a skill of quality content writing. As without quality, you can’t be a successful blogger.
  2. You should follow all the rules of Search Engines like Google. In fact, a blogger should have a great skill of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to be rank in Google.
  3. You can hire freelancers of having these skills but to be a successful blogger you need to rely on your self.
  4. Also, you should be good at social media marketing.
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So, if you have these skills and have patience and passionate about blogging then your successful career in blogging is guaranteed.

Why Blogging is so Popular:

Blogging has become very popular with the passage of time; Nowadays many professional people have switched to blogging.


There are several reasons for the popularity of Blogging:

  1. It is easy to blog.
  2. It is a great way to keep your readers updated and letting them know about the latest information about their interest.
  3. You can build your trust upon your readers. It makes you trustworthy for your clients and readers.
  4. Blogging can develop your writing skill more and more.
  5. It makes you a keen observer. You try to learn more and more.
  6. There you can show off your skills and let everybody know about yourself and your skills/knowledge which can make you famous.
  7. You can interact with your readers with comments that could create a strong bond.
  8. Last but not the least; blogs can generate a way of income for you in different ways like advertising and affiliate marketing.

Are there Downsides To Blogging?


Yeah there are some downsides to blogging, and they are mentioned below:

  1. Blogs demands for, For making your blog, you need to work hard. You need to update on a regular basis to engage your readers and to create a positive impact of your blog on readers as well as Search Engines.
  2. If your English writing isn’t that much strong, you will search for the freelancers and writers and hire them for writing articles for your blog.
  3. You will need to do keyword research to know about the reader’s needs as what do they search and what problems they face so that you can write on that topic.
  4. It is a matter of patience; you can’t expect an immediate income. You need to be consistent and hard working. After much hard work, you will be able to see the positive results coming.

What is a Blog and How to Create a Blog:

how can i blog

Now, this was the introduction to blogging for beginners; now I will precede my discussion up to the making of the blog.

Because after reading the above points you might be thinking how can I blog, so I am going to share all the information that will be proved useful for you.

Blogging Platforms:

A Blogging platform is a type of software that has been provided to you by which you can publish your blog to the online world or internet world.

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A Blogging platform is a perfect platform for the management of your content and your views.

We have two kinds of blogging platforms:

  • Free Blogging platform.
  • Paid Blogging platform.

Free Blogging Platform:

A free Blogging platform is that platform that provides you the opportunity for publishing your blog at no cost and free.

There are various kinds of free blogging platforms where you can host your blog freely.

I would like to mention some names of free blogging platforms:, and

Free blogging platforms are those which need no domain or hosting, and you can directly start blogging there like on

On free platforms, we have a lot of limitations and don’t have full control over our blog.

Also in free blogging, we have a subdomain of that platform like, so it includes the Blogspot in our blog address which is not looking good as compared to

A free blog is not in our control and has no guarantee as it can be deleted at any time with or without any notice and can waste your whole struggle.

Paid blogging is that in which we have our own identity and everything is in our control.

To start paid blogging you need to buy a unique Domain name like, Hosting in which the full data of your blog like images, text, videos, etc., will be stored, Design (layout of your blog).

There are different Domain and Hosting providers like NamecheapBluehostGodaddy, etc.

Domain Name:

It is simply used for identifying your blog in the real internet world and among so many other blogs.

The domain name should be simple and eye catching so that more and more people will like to visit your blog.

If you don’t put the domain name, it will rather show the IP address that seems technical, and your viewers then took no interest in visiting your blog.

So that’s why keeping the right, and an attractive domain name could create a positive impression of you and your blog on visitors.


When you decide to have a blog, it means your blog will have images, text, videos and other files that should be stored somewhere on the internet to be accessed through domain you bought. For that, you need to buy paid hosting from a good hosting provider where all the data of your blog will be saved.


After setting the domain name, hosting and choosing the best suitable blogging platform, it comes to designing.

You need to develop your blog like in WordPress there are a lot of Themes and Plugins used to create your blog professionally.

By using those free or paid themes, you can make your blog eye-catching and can attract more and more readers.

Now You have setup domain, hosting and design your blog with some posts in it.

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Now how people will know about your blog to visit and read your posts?

There are two main ways you can let people know of your blog:

1.    Share your blog link on Social Media with your friends and let them know.

Those who will have an interest in the topic of your blog post may visit and read your blog but how long will your share like this and how many users will you engage as most of your friends may not interested in reading your posts

2.    Second and the best way is when people search in Google, and your blog posts appear on top, and they visit directly.

Here a question comes into mind that how to convince Google to place your article on the top when people search for those keywords (topic) you wrote on.

The skill of impressing Google to put your post on top is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO (How to Rank Your Blog):

First of all, think for a while that why will Google rank your blog?

Keep these points in your mind while blogging:

  1. Provide quality work as Google love quality, not quantity.
  2. Show consistency. Keep posting on a regular basis as Google love activeness.
  3. Never copy-paste any material because Google is the father of the online world, it knows that from where you copied and will ban your blog.
  4. Try to bring out new keywords searched by more people and new information to your blog.
  5. Work hard until you see the positive results forthcoming.

If you work on all these points then; As a result, you will be ranked on top in Google, and for sure you will get the traffic from the people who are in search of the quality work and some great content.

Blogging as a source of income:

Blogging is the best and easy source of income.

If your blog has good quality content and has a good amount of traffic, then you can apply as a publisher to Google Adsense.

Google will start showing advertisement on your blog, and you will get revenue for the impressions and when someone clicks on those ads.

Side by side you can do advertisements, and you can make money by affiliate marketing as well as Amazon, Clickbank, Daraz, etc.


After reading this article, you might have developed a little interest in blogging.

In the world, today blogging is becoming more and more popular. It’s not easy, its time demanding and needs hard work but hard work pays off.

If blogging is difficult for you today, it could either be more difficult tomorrow. So go for it now and make your identification in the world of blogging.

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  1. Thanks for the awesome tips its really useful for the beginners like me,I am going to create my own blog,keep doing this great work.

    • W.S If you already know about customization, then you just need the writing skill. Being a writer isn’t required. If you can write in basic English, just start writing on your interest’s topics and start publishing on your blog. That’s it.


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