Media Violence is Harmful to Society

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Do you think media violence is harmful to society? It turns out that technology has become a tool for delivering violence globally despite all its benefits. Internet privacy violations have changed the course of bullying, abuse, and violence in the modern world.

Acts of violence and other regional conflicts were made possible by computer technology and the internet.

Through the use of digital technology, criminals can stigmatize, exploit, abuse, and in the worst cases kill people who are victims of domestic violence.

There are different kinds of violence in almost every society.

Why does Media violence be harmful to society?

Women and young adults are the majority of victims of domestic violence. Conflicts and violence are on the rise worldwide because of technology. It is possible for such acts of violence to be organized or to be committed by individuals.

People feel stressed about the violence in the media as a result of the negative effects of technology on society.

Among these crimes are cyberstalking, surveillance, cyber abuse, leaking of private information, and homicide, which lead to disturbances in society.

In such crimes, technology not only aids but also protects the victim since the offender is not directly involved and is obscured from view by the victim.

Role of technology in Violence:

Several social media platforms are providing real-time communication through audio and video links that connect people virtually.

People who are far apart can connect through social media and share their views, feelings, addresses, phone numbers, and videotapes to understand the dimensions of a victim’s life.

It is possible to exploit the values and ethics of society using this information. Live videos of hate speech, criminal conduct, and racism that ignite a fire in society and govern violence can be broadcast through technology to inflict violence in a region.

Different types of media violence are harmful to society:

The purpose of this article is to discuss some common ways in which media violence harms the society we live in our everyday lives and is used to back up violence in the world.

Social Media Technology:

It is possible to establish a hate culture on social media platforms through hate speeches and literature that promotes hate and racism. Various political groups acquire these plate forms for various purposes.

Media violence is harmful to society not only by political groups, but by groups that have different ill purposes in society such as terror activities, crimes, revenge, or destabilization.

In general, social media users do not investigate the news they read on social media. It is possible for false news to manipulate them. Violence and conflicts can arise in societies as a result of social media users.

An attempt is made to start a false campaign using social media platforms by the shepherds of a riot. The case of Myanmar is one of the worst examples of domestic violence.

Thousands of Muslims were exiled in Myanmar after a monk shared false news of a rape case on Facebook. Minority Muslims fled to save their lives after the news escalated violence against them.

There were several innocent lives lost due to the false news, which was later revealed to be false.

As a result of this case, a global culture of hatred between religions developed, which later became an international concern.

Repression technology, internet accessibility, and state violence:

It has been found that social media platforms and internet technology are a resource for extremism and terrorism that can spread violence and terror across societies. Newly-connected countries are examples of violence in media and are also suffering the most.

People who are new to technology are not mature when it comes to using these internet platforms and can easily be manipulated and manipulated for doing wrong and illicit activities. It is possible to repress officials through technology in important cases.

It has been reported that terrorist groups use social media platforms for a variety of purposes, according to recent studies on technology’s negative effects

  • Internet technology is used by terrorists to communicate.
  • With end-to-end encryption provided by social media and real-time communication, terrorists can operate efficiently anywhere the internet is available.
  • Social media and the internet are used by terrorists to spread their ideologies and expand their networks.
  • To gather information about targets, areas, and investigations, they use the internet.
  • Brainwash social media users
  • Finances are obtained through the internet
  • In order to recruit fighters, they use the internet.

The Dark Web:

The dark web is well known only to a few people. It is one of the most infamous and least discussed platforms on the deep web. Media violence increases day by day in society, promoting crimes that a normal person cannot even imagine.

It provides users with full and strong anonymity. Crimes and violent acts promoted here have no digital footprints and can never be tracked. In contrast to the normal web, the deep web cannot be accessed by an ordinary browser.

For high-profile underworld criminals, it is like a covered world. Violent media promotes violence in society, which leads to crime and bloodshed on the streets because organized gangs use the dark web to engage in horrific crimes like gun dealing, drug trafficking, and human trafficking.

Every kind of media violence is harmful to society, especially chat rooms where women are tortured, children are abused, and other shameful acts like child abuse and pornography are broadcast live, which are very disturbing and horrific for an ordinary human to watch.

There is a safe illicit undercover market for crimes and violence on the dark web. Criminals are difficult to trace because of Onion routing and deep encryption.

Most of the victims are women and young children who suffer extreme violence. These horrific criminals use technology as armor, and closing the dark web seems impossible.

Technology Gun Violence:

As a result of technology, murders and homicides are increasing around the world. The technology enables criminals around the world to create deadly weapons for snatching and killing.

The technology behind these weapons allows them to be manufactured easily and are easily accessible to everyone at a low cost. The number of deaths caused by homicide globally exceeds those caused by war.

There are concerns about the potential harm that can be caused by the development of weapon technology in the future. Through technology, criminals have access to information and surveillance which enables them to determine a victim’s bank balance, worth, and social status, which results in theft, kidnapping, and murder.


A major problem over the internet is cyberstalking, which has resulted in depression and fear for those affected. Violence in the media has often resulted from cyberstalking, which usually involves threatening, harassing, and defaming.

Digital technology or devices are usually used by stalkers to monitor their victims. Monitoring a victim has become easier thanks to technology. Social media platforms and nano cameras are used to monitor and gather information about the victim.

A victim is then blackmailed, threatened, or even murdered using the information.

Media violence has the most important impact on society when it comes to the majority of victims being women, who are the most vulnerable targets.

Typically, the oppressor is an intimate partner who tries to control or influence their partner or blackmails her if she wants to leave a violent relationship. Sometimes, a partner leaks the woman’s private videos and pictures, causing her to commit suicide.


In the above discussion, we have discussed how media violence negatively impacts society and how technology can lead to domestic violence. Avoiding technology does not mean avoiding technology, but it does mean avoiding carelessness when using it.

A number of policies and laws are being implemented to prevent the misuse of technology to inflict violence. Online, there are many platforms that provide support and services for such abusive situations.

Technology and the internet should be used with all the necessary security and safety measures in mind; we should avoid any losses, harm, and technology-related violence.

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