How is Social Media Changing Family Relationships

In this article, you will know the answer to the query “How is Social Media Changing Family Relationships“.

Not only do they offer communication, but they also provide a variety of ways to interact with your loved ones.

This is a versatile platform with features such as sharing photos, videos, memories, news, events, and amusements.

There are 3.5 billion active users of social media around the world, and 90% of them are young.

It means that almost every family today has at least one social media wizard or witch. Families and friends have been influenced by social media in terms of the importance and priorities of their relationships.

Despite the advantages of social media technology, people failed to consider the disadvantages which will lead to major problems in the real world. The impact of social media on family relationships and communication needs to be explained to people.

A number of mobile applications and desktop applications made life easier for everyone in the 20s with social media taking over communication. Every single person at home has a cell phone, a laptop, and other devices for engaging themselves on social media platforms. However, none of them understand how social media is changing

There has been an increase in the influence of social media on family relationships in recent years. The positive and negative effects of social media on family relationships will be discussed along with some facts about social media.

Positive Effects of Social Media on Family


It is impossible to ignore the positive effects of social media on family relationships. In everyday life, these platforms provide endless benefits.

It has contributed significantly to the establishment of good relationships within the family. Taking a closer look at social media and family relationships, let’s discover some positive effects.

Social media taking over communication:

Family communication is the most praiseworthy and positive effect of social media.

Among family members, it serves as the primary means of communication.

Family and friends are connected through social media in every aspect, for instance, if a family member has some urgent work to do with friends, that member can easily communicate using messages, calls, videos, Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.

Through statuses, photos, and videos, family members are able to connect in a pleasant way. The following are some of the benefits and how social media is changing family relationships:

  1. Connect with family from anywhere at any time without incurring any costs.
  2. Connect with family via status updates, photos, and videos.
  3. You can share your problems and feelings with a geographically separated family member.
  4. Students and workers abroad will be able to connect instantly with their families.
  5. Providing a friendly atmosphere for family relationships through group chats and events sharing.

Advantages of social media in family relationships

The convenience of social media in the process of communication is one of its greatest advantages. As a result, family relationships are maintained in a relaxed manner.

Almost all social media platforms offer video calls, audio calls, messaging, and voice chats. According to time and engagements in daily routines, family members can be connected via video, audio, or voice chat according to the preferences of the user.

This can compensate for a formal meeting. When someone cannot meet, he or she can leave a voice message as an excuse, which is far better than not interacting with anyone at all, thereby maintaining family relationships.

Furthermore, social media offers conference calls and video chats for more than two members of a family, and this connection will add to the good effect of technology on your family.

The effect of technology on your family:

Teenagers and adults in families usually do not get along well. Different aspects of their relationship are not understood by each other. Social media allows individuals to connect and gain insight into their opinions, likes, and dislikes from their timeline sharing.

Adding beautiful captions to family photos and videos creates sweet memories. We can use social media to celebrate events, birthdays, and birthday celebrations in a new way by using its features.

As a result, teens and adults are able to bridge the gap that unites the family and social media positively impacts the parent-child relationship. They have a good understanding of their children.

Parents can gain insight into their children’s world through social media. The pictures, statuses, and videos that their kids share when they are not home can be seen by their parents. By knowing their children’s friends and social circle, parents can better understand them.

Negative Effects of Social Media on Family Relationships:

It is impossible to avoid the negative effects of digital socialization on family relationships in this day and age.

Social media’s negative effects and how it changes family relationships have gained much attention in the wise circle. The following are some negative aspects of social media technology and family.

Affected Family Culture:

A family gathering used to be a delightful and memorable event before social media. No doubt social media has reduced physical barriers to communication, but it has also destroyed family cultures and the joy of family gatherings.

It is rare for family members to meet and arrange gatherings due to the virtual instant connection.

The real impact of social media is in face-to-face communication, not the use of social media.

It is impossible to imagine life without social media. Users are inseparable from their phones. Those who are constantly on social media are not available mentally for family communication or conversations.

Even if they are sitting together, they do not show any affection or love for family gatherings. Relationship gaps are primarily caused by the overuse of technology.

Isolation From Family:

Digital natives are considered to be the generation of today. They are adept at using social media. However, their parents did not have many opportunities to keep up with technology.

There is either a baby boomer generation or a generation X generation. This is an area in which adolescents perceive themselves as superior to their parents.

When parents tell their children to avoid often using social media, the youngsters do not pay much attention.

So that they don’t have to listen to advice from parents, they use social media and isolate themselves.

According to the parents, they do not understand the dimensions of modern social media and technology, so they should not interfere with their children.

Children and parents who don’t understand or use social media have been isolated from their families because of this mindset and misperception resulting from social media.

Social media changing Marriage relationships:

It is possible for social media to cause misunderstandings in marital relationships. Couples are kept busy and engaged by its trendy and addictive entertainment platforms.

Rather than spending time and affection with their partners, they are spending their time on social media sharing and updating profiles.

The issue has become a major distraction in marriages. In such a situation, partners feel ignored and unimportant, causing conflicts.

According to a study, a 20% annual increase in Facebook enrolment was associated with an increase in divorce rates from 2.18% to 4.32%.

There was a decrease in marriage quality due to social media addiction. The social media accounts of partners are usually checked on a regular basis.

The more they monitor their partners, the more mistrust, jealousy, and misunderstandings grow, which in the worst case can lead to divorce and family division.

How social media Affected Family Importance:

Families are avoided and problems are shared online on social media. Since no one knew how social media was changing family relationships in earlier times, the family was considered the primary source of support and importance.

Relationship dynamics and importance have changed as a result of social media. It weakens the bond between parents and their children as well as the dependency of children on parents.

On social media, children can share their emotions, feelings, and problems with their friends and get satisfied without telling their parents.

“Family is the most important thing in the world.” -Princess Diana

The importance of social media-connected friends has replaced the importance of family on social media. In different aspects of one’s life, one needs support from parents and other family members.

That nurtures a strong and supportive relationship with the parents. In fact, social media has changed this culture, which is why the internet is replacing the family.

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Social media platforms offer you a large platform for sharing your views, expressing your thoughts, staying updated, and keeping in touch with family and friends.

As a result of its wide range of benefits and involvement in so many aspects of life, we cannot stop using it.

In other words, how is social media changing family relationships? How does social media affect relationships? The answer is yes. By reducing face-to-face interaction and communication between family members, negatively affected family relationships.

However, it also provided convenience in family relationships. Relationships can be improved by using it positively. When using it, it is important to limit its use at different times of the day and on different occasions.

Family relationships shouldn’t be destroyed by social media engagement, as Erik Qualman explains, “We don’t have a choice about social media, the question is how well we use it.”

Family relationships are negatively affected by social media, even though it helps us connect virtually.

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