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Education System in Pakistan (2019 Research)

Education System in Pakistan 2019 Research
Education System in Pakistan 2019 Research


Current Literacy Rate in Pakistan 2019 (Updated)

As of January 2019, Pakistan vows to raise literacy rate from 58% to 70% in four years by providing school access to the approximately 22.8 million students, improving the education system among all ages with modern technology

  1. Primary: 22,650,000
  2. Post-Secondary: 1,949,000
  3. Secondary: 2,884,400

From 1947, we praise education and we believe that Education can change the fortune of a country. Pakistan has several threatening problems and the top one is Education.

We also believe that only education can solve all the rest big issues that Pakistan is facing today. But the question is How to Improve Education System in Pakistan?

Don’t worry we will answer this question.

A famous quote of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah:

“Education is a matter of life and death for Pakistan. The world is progressing so rapidly that without requisite advance in education, not only shall we lag behind others but may be wiped out altogether.”

We made laws like Article 25-A which states that:


Unfortunately, no one focused on practical implementation and still, low or middle-class families have no access to quality education in Pakistan due to the high fees of private institutions.

In this article, we will be going through different flaws, drawbacks, and issues in the education system of Pakistan and will be giving the real solution for those problems as well.

We have also collected some of the valuable suggestions from well-known personalities as well as from teachers to students from different areas, which we will be sharing later.

Flaws in the Education System of Pakistan:

In Pakistani Education System, there are a lot of flaws and issues that must be addressed as soon as possible.

We are listing the issues and flaws in the Education System of Pakistan and will be sharing the solutions as well.

1. Theoretical (Not Practical) Education:

I am listing this issue on the top because this is the biggest and actual problem due to which Pakistani Education System is unable to educate the students with practical skills rather they only read books to pass exams.

Due to this issue, even degree holders don’t have any skill to utilize and earn a happy life. They only depend on the jobs which also need practical skills in this modern age.

A very serious part is that a so-called Educated Degree holders are begging for Jobs while on the other side, a local Engineer called “Mistry” who has no degree and is considered as an illiterate earn millions per year and also provide jobs.

At some points, these degree holders are provided internships by these non-degree holders.

It is a big slap on the Educational System of Pakistan.

2. Outdated (20 years old Syllabus):

Yes, you read RIGHT!!! We are teaching 20+ years old syllabus to our students which is just a joke with the education.

How can we improve the Education system in Pakistan with the old age syllabus? We can’t compete with the modern world of Education with this quality.

We need to come with a fresh and latest knowledge which can be compared to the foreign updated syllabus to overcome the challenges of quality education in Pakistan.

We teach students the history of the computer (same for other subjects as well) at BS level (I think it can be listed in top jokes of the world).

3. No Teaching Quality:

In this modern world, Teaching is considered the most special and important field. It is the backbone of the Education system of every country. Teachers are given a special type of Training to teach students in a better and friendly way.

Unfortunately, In Pakistan, No quality teachers are provided to students. In fact, those who become unsuccessful in their field and they don’t know what to do with their degree now? they join teaching.

What can a teacher teach if he/she doesn’t know the output of his subject? (Isn’t a shame?)

In the government sector, teachers are mostly employed by politicians in favoritism/bribery. While in the private sector, they find inexperienced and the cheapest teachers.

There should be proper training programs for teachers to learn how to teach and engage students.

4. No Unity (Different Curriculum/Syllabus):

In Pakistan, there are different curriculum followed by the different educational system. First of all, it is very unfortunate that in one country there are several educational systems exist just based on financial differences.

We have a National Educational System which includes matriculation and intermediate while the other is the British Educational System which includes O level and A level.

Because of this educational differences, disparities created in the minds of students at a very young age.

Further, in the National Educational System, we have Urdu Medium and English Medium which divides the students, then we have govt. and private sectors which also follows different syllabus and textbooks.

The same case with all the provinces as well. One province has one syllabus while others have another.

This is a very big issue in the educational system of Pakistan. Govt. of Pakistan needs to address this issue with a policy to unite all of them and make them sure to follow one best and updated syllabus.

5. Limited Fields Offered:

In Pakistan, there are few subjects which are considered as a field and these fields are imposed on students like Medical and Engineering.

If one wants to be respected in Pakistani society, he/she must be a Medical Doctor or an Engineer.

No!!! This is wrong. All minds are not the same and they are not supposed to do the same thing. Everyone has different creativity and that creativity can only be utilized if he/she chose his interest.

My Personal Experience:

I was failed in Matric Exam as I was imposed to study Biology (Medical subject) which was not my interest. I topped the whole College at F.Sc level because I chose IT (Computer Science) which was my interest. Always go for interest.

6. No Career Counselling (difficult to Choose Field):

Most of the students, they have no idea at the primary level that what field he/she should choose to specialize in. It is very unfortunate that there is no counseling provided in Pakistani schools and even colleges.

I have seen BS students regretting their decision of coming to their fields.

I like the European system in this regard where one year before field selection is for counseling. They are provided with an environment to explore dozens of fields and then chose the best-suited field at the end of the year. In this way, they find their actual interest and field.

7. Education Become a Profitable Business:

Education is considered as a profitable business in Pakistan. Day by day, new institutes are opening not to provide quality education but to benefit from the lack of schools by govt. and earn a huge amount by charging very high fees.

The perceptions of the students and their parents are not much different as well. They are taught to study and pass exams to get a degree and then offered a job to earn money.

They have no vision to contribute to society or country through education. It becomes a business. Parents invest in children to get Return of Invest later.

8. No Check and Balance:

The worst part of the education system in Pakistan is that there is less or no check and balance on both govt. and private sectors.

Several Govt. schools and colleges even have no subject teachers or if they might have as well they don’t come to teach and there is no one to ask why?

There are hundreds and thousands of ghost schools across the country that never opened in years but thousands of employees are getting their salaries every month without any output.

Govt. has already policies and laws regarding these issues but need to implement those laws in real means to overcome the loss of the whole nation.

9. Rattalization (Cramming):

Students are taught to do “Ratta” of the questions and answer without any concept and just paste that Ratta in the paper to pass the exam.

It is because students don’t understand the English language and they are taught everything in English. The funniest part is that Teachers who teach English as a subject can’t speak English themselves.

10. No or Less Security:

Yes, unfortunately, we are facing terrorism as well. The terrorists mainly target schools and other educational institutes which created fear in society.

Due to which parents don’t allow their children to go to schools. Govt. need to provide strict security to the educational institutes and assure the parents that their child is in safe hands.

Drawbacks of the Education System in Pakistan (Disadvantages):

We discussed the flaws in the Educational System of Pakistan, now we are listing the drawbacks of Education System in Pakistan that caused by those flaws and issues.

1. Child out of School:

It is estimated that presently more than 55 million age 10 Pakistanis are unable to read and write and there are 7 million children of age 5 to 9 years are out of schools.

The more worst part is that in rural areas, more than 52% of girls are not enrolled in school. This is not enough, you know 67% of women as well are illiterate.

These statistics are growing every year which affect every out country from every aspect either it is political instability or less economic growth.


  • Poverty
  • Not enough schools in rural places as compared to their population.
  • No awareness.
  • No output from already degree holders.
  • Low-Quality Education.
  • Non-Responsible Politicians.
  • Wadera, Choudhry, Nawabs don’t allow.
  • Sexual Harassment.
  • No Security.

2. Child Labor:

Because of the worst education system in Pakistan, parents don’t enroll their children in school, instead, they make them earn money at a very young age in hotels/local shops etc,.

Reasons why Parents don’t Enroll Child in School:

  • Poverty (They want their child to earn two times food for them).
  • No Quality Education (Child learn nothing in years)
  • Graduates are unemployed.
  • Graduates could be an inspiration and motivation for others but they themselves are unemployed.
  • Why would parents want their child to waste years for just getting graduated and then do nothing?

3. No Respect for Degrees:

Best was the time when there was big respect for degree holders. Now very few of them achieve that respect otherwise the most non-respectful people of the society these days are unemployed degree holders.

Because they don’t know the local and basic skills and also learn nothing in graduation which makes him dependent on the job. If a job isn’t provided he/she becomes a burden on the society.

4. No Higher Education:

At first, parents don’t enroll their children at school. If a child has good luck and gets enrolled, he/she only continue to study up to matric or maximum F.Sc level and don’t go for graduation.

Sometimes this decision is from parents side but mostly from students themselves as well because they also get to know the reality that nothing can be learned in real so better to leave.

5. No Major Invention/Exploration:

Due to the flaws in the education system of Pakistan, and low quality of education students are unable to explore something new and invent something for the betterment of the society because they followed only camming(Ratta) and there was no real concept taught to them.

Even those students who are given assignments to write an essay on Pakistan Education System. They copy from the net and submit and don’t think over it.

How to Improve Education System in Pakistan:

Now #ItsTime to roll the table and improve the education system in Pakistan with urgent and big steps. To answer this question, we have researched a lot and asked different teachers, students and other personalities in the society.

We also attend some panel discussions on the topic and collect point of view of different educationists and all those who are struggling to improve the education system in Pakistan.

Suggestions for Improving Education System in Pakistan:

  1. Free Education: As stated in article 25-A, every citizen of Pakistan should be given free education.
  2. Scholarships: Govt. should provide scholarships for higher education.
  3. Focus on the Parents: Why do I say this? because often and especially when it comes to girls, parents are the biggest obstacle to achieving an education. So, what do we do? we mobilize parents.
  4. Practical Education: There should be an educational emergency to prioritize Practical studies over theory. Right from the school level, practical works should be made compulsory.
  5. Career Counseling: It should be compulsory in every school in govt. as well as the private sector.
  6.  Remove Ratta System: Govt. should come up with a new system to remove cramming (Ratta) system.
  7. Teachers Qualification: There must be a standard qualification to be able to teach in schools as in majority private schools FA pass teachers are hired.
  8. Teachers Training: Teachers should be given proper training before allowing them to teach.
  9. Standard Syllabus: One syllabus should be made for country-wide schools to avoid disparities.
  10. Proper Planning: Government and Private both should sit together and draft a master plan for the right education and then the government should follow this plan sincerely.
  11. Unity: Governments must develop partnerships with communities, NGOs, and the private sector to delegate responsibility effectively in order to achieve universal primary education.
  12. Political Influence: There should no political influence in the syllabus as nowadays, every govt. just put their leader’s praise and history in books.
  13. Student Political Parties: There should be a complete ban on Student Political Bodies in Universities and colleges.
  14. Faculty: There should be strict monitoring of faculty being hired in government and private educational institutes.
  15. Technical Training Centers: Make the vocational and technical training centers more efficient so that skilled youth could be produced.
  16. Policy Planners: Special Policy planning units should be established in provinces.
  17. Special Grants: If needed special grants should be provided to the provinces where the literacy rate is low.
  18. Freelancing: Students must be taught the modern age digital skills and how to utilize them through freelancing on the internet. Pakistan is on 4th number in freelancing in the whole world. If Pakistani students can reach this level without any proper guidance, Imagine, If they will be given a proper training to do online freelancing and other businesses, they can be on 1st very soon and the economy will be boosted. Govt. must think over it.

Your suggestions are most welcomed in the comment section below.

Panel Discussion on Improvement of Education System in Pakistan:

Education System in Pakistan (2019 Research) 1

Provide transport for children and teachers: Lack of safe transportation is a major factor in teacher absenteeism and fatigue. It also affects children’s attendance. School van transport is a valuable perk for our teachers.

Amjad Noorani, education activist (Pakistan), The Citizens Foundation, San Francisco, USA @amjadtcfusa@TCFPak

Mobilise Parents: For girls, parents are the biggest impediment to their education. More than half of girls who are out of school lack either parental consent or ability to pay schools fees. We need to advocate more for parents to get involved with community schools – whether they are on the management committee, or helping with the building, financing or security at their child’s school.

Roohi Abdullah, lead and initiator, Girl Rising Pakistan, Washington DC, USA @GirlRisingPak

Take sanitation seriously: At our schools, we have cleaning staff to maintain toilets during school hours. They also help with hygiene of young kids before they go to class as many children are from homes that do not have running water. Toilets, sanitation and privacy are not a trivial requirement.

Amjad Noorani

Identify why children are not in school: The biggest factor is economic constraints and the fact that kids often need to choose between work and school. In an ideal world, we would be able to demonstrate the link between schools and future earnings. We need to get better at promoting the value of education to parents and children.

Madeeha Ansari, writer and independent consultant, London, UK @madeeha_ansari

Get the private sector to offer more scholarships: The government could provide private schools with attractive packages such as cheaper utility bills in return for them making at least 10% of their places available for free to poor students. This could be especially effective in areas government schools have failed to reach.

Zobaida Jalal, former minister of education, Balochistan, Pakistan @ZobaidaJalal

Hold politicians to account: Central government and provincial governments have good intentions but no one’s political stakes are invested in delivering that “better” set of outcomes, so they leave it to donors and NGOs. Until we can get Pakistani leaders to view a dysfunctional education regime as a political liability, we will keep grasping at non-solutions.

Mosharraf Zaidi, campaign director, Alif Ailaan, Islamabad, Pakistan @mosharrafzaidi

Scrap teaching in English: We focus on English too much which is why we’ve ended up with so much rote learning. Many teachers are trying to teach in a language they’re not even fully competent in. Meanwhile, children who are confident in their own language are condemned as dumb if they can’t pick up English.

Zubeida Mustafa, columnist for Dawn, Karachi, Pakistan@zubeidamustafa @dawn_com

Offer stipends to girls: It’s a slightly controversial method but in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa we found that providing stipends to girls at risk increased girls’ attendance. Of course setting the amount for a stipend is very tricky to make sure it is not too expensive to do at scale, but we’ve delivered 400,000 so far.

Adam Hall

Listen to teachers: What do they need to be more effective? What needs to change for them to increase motivation and spend more time in the classroom? This feedback is not adequately collected or used at the moment.

Adam Hall, project manager (education), Adam Smith International, London, UK

Set universal minimum standards for schools: What makes a primary or a secondary school? Currently, you see a school under a tree with two teachers in one place but a primary school with a huge building and many teachers in another place – the same is the case for curriculum, teachers’ qualifications and examinations. Government, community and private schools should have to adhere to the same basic principles.

Dr Mir Afzal Tajik, director, Aga Khan University’s Institute for Educational Development, Karachi, Pakistan

Collect a wider variety of data: Most government data is focused on school building contracts and teachers’ salaries, rather than on what the children are learning. How about running community focus groups routinely and having more nimble programmes that allow for mid-course correction?

Noorulain Masood, CEO, Teach For Pakistan, Karachi, Pakistan@Noor_Masood

Incentivise teachers to learn as they earn: Teachers should be encouraged with salary incentives to take college qualifications and get a bachelors degree. Additionally, annual professional development workshops and in-service training should be provided. Higher competency should be rewarded.

Amjad Noorani

Adapt teaching techniques for volatile situations: Where schools are frequently closed due to violence, one possibility is home schooling. For example, in Ebola-affected Sierra Leone we moved to delivering educational radio programmes.

Tricia Young, director, Child to Child, London, UK@ChildtoChild

Make provisions for children with special needs: I think we always neglect the children with special needs and their education in our society. As minister for special education, I came out with a national plan of action for people with disabilities and the most vital element was inclusive education. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen it widely implemented yet.

Zobaida Jalal

Achievements that Improved Education System in Pakistan to some Extent (2013-2019):

Sindh School Monitoring System by Sindh Govt.:

  • This first digital system in the education sector in Pakistan allows transparent and effective monitoring of staff, students, and school infrastructure.
  • The Sindh School Monitoring System spreads across 15 districts and to the remotest parts of the province. Plans are underway to expand it to the entire province.
  • More than 210,000 teaching and non-teaching staff have been profiled using biometric information, covering more than 26,200 schools.

The Sindh School Monitoring System brings together technology and a robust accountability mechanism to address long-standing governance issues in education.

Fazlullah Pechuho, Former Secretary Education and Literacy Department, Sindh

Sindh School Monitoring System

Education Reforms by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government:

Uniform Education System:

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Elementary & Secondary Education Department (ESED) is revising textbooks.

So far up to class five have been revised. New books are structured in manner, which will help students in concepts instead of root learning.


The Department of Elementary & Secondary Education (ESED) has successfully established about 450 new schools in KP.

All are fully resourced and functioning according to the data available at ESED. About 229 schools have been sanctioned while 221 are in process.


The overall increase in Education budget has been 113.84% over the last 5 years.


The enrolment of students in govt. schools increased with 4.17 million students in 2014-15, 4.219 million in 2015-16 and 4.274 million in 2016-17.

Reforms in education system improved parents confidence, more than 34,000 students migrated from private to government schools in 2016, while this year a record of 151,000 students have been migrated.

Some of the Key Achievements of ESED:

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the only province that has allocated budget for its Education Sector Plan in-line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nation on education.

More than 13600 schools were provided with clean drinking water. In total the Department Spent Rs. 21 Billion on the missing facilities.

During the last three years, ESED has constructed more than 10,000 classrooms, more than 17,350 Group Latrines, more than 14,400 boundary walls, in addition to the completion of more than 10550 Schools electrification projects.

ESED in last three years hired about 40,000 more teachers.

Students drop-out significantly decreased.

To encourage girl’s education KP Govt. have built 1413 new girls’ community schools.

In these schools, 70,000 students are enrolled.

Among the students, total 500 million rupees were distributed by more than 30,000 education vouchers.

The ESED has allocated Rs. 4 billion to provide furniture to schools.

Additionally, ESED built 1350 IT Labs in schools.

The establishment of an Independent Monitoring Unit (IMU) has helped in the reduction of teacher’s absenteeism by up to 10%.

The ESED has introduced compulsory Quranic Education in Schools from Class One to the intermediate class.

The first Government Girls Cadet College has been established in Mardan with an allocation of 3 Billion Rupees.

ESED established 5000 play areas and more than 140 sports grounds in schools.

The establishment of the Independent Monitoring Unit in 2013 has helped in overcoming Teachers absenteeism by up to 15%.

The Biometric system has been installed in 76 offices and 480 schools.

More than 1900 best-performing teachers received prizes of 100,000 and 50,000 cash in 2016 while more than 900 teachers received in 2015.

To encourage healthy habits among the students, 5000 sports kits were provided to students and more than 7500 play areas and 198 sports grounds have been completed.

More than 5500 schools have been converted to solar electricity.

ESED distributed more than 5.1 million drawing books in students all over KP.

The ESED has started prizes to the top position holders of Government Schools. Under this scheme, the government will give Rs One Million, Rs. 500,000, Rs. 300,000 prizes to those students of government schools who will get the 1st, 2nd and 3rd position in their board exam respectively.

One such example is available from 2016 when a Physically-challenged Faisal Malik, clinched the top position in the intermediate examinations in Abbottabad district in KP.

Pakistan District Education Rankings 2017 has shown that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has moved up the index and now leads the provision of infrastructure at the primary level across all the provinces in Pakistan.

However, at the middle school level, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is in the second spot after Punjab. Similarly, on the education score and beyond primary readiness score index Khyber Pakhtunkhwa lags behind the Punjab, Islamabad Capital Territory and Gilgit-Baltistan.

Education Reforms by Punjab Government:

The Punjab Education Sector Reform Programme (PESRP) and School Education Reforms Roadmap provided a holistic strategy for achieving systemic sectoral improvements over the last five years.

These reforms put a special emphasis on higher enrolment and retention, improved learning outcomes and quality of education, and a better managed, monitored and administered education sector.

Some of the flagship efforts under the program include:

  • Improving the provision and quality of teaching
  • Developing improved monitoring systems
  • A robust public-private partnership program through Punjab Education Foundation (PEF)
  • Restructuring of governance systems through District Education Authorities (DEA)
  • and the development of interventions that strengthen incentives and accountability for service delivery performance.

The last five years witnessed a substantial level of political and financial investment backed by unprecedented technical innovation in tackling the education crisis in Punjab, but the gains of the reforms enacted are still fragile.

Education System in Pakistan (2019 Research) 2

Enrolment, retention, learning outcomes, public financial management, school infrastructure, discrepancies in the data regime and centralization of all these efforts continue to pose substantial challenges to the provincial authorities.

‘‘Punjab Government has started Chief Minister’s Stocktake Initiative and worked towards Public-Private Partnerships that have helped not only with accountability but also policy-making ensuring effective and timely solutions.’’

Minister School Education Rana Mashood

Education Reforms by Balochistan Govt.:

The Government of Balochistan has invested time and resources in a number of structural and governance reforms since 2013.

These reforms have largely been to address the challenges of providing improved infrastructure, devolving key responsibilities, and plugging the shortage of teachers through merit-based recruitment.

The Balochistan Education Sector Plan (2013-2019) provided a holistic strategy and roadmap for guiding the reforms process over the following five years. It put special emphasis on improving quality, equity and governance.

Under BESP, the Balochistan government implemented reform initiatives like:

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Standardized testing of learning levels
  • Restructuring of governance systems through District Education Authorities (DEA)
  • and improved education financing.

Education System in Pakistan Latest Update 2019:

As of January 2019, Pakistan vows to raise literacy rate from 58% to 70% in four years by providing school access to the approximately 22.8 million students, improving the education system among all ages with modern technology.

Ministry of education of Pakistan and Professional Training Shafqat Mehmood said:

“Government is also focusing on enhancing higher education quality as well as ensuring its job market relevance. Due to low quality and lack of industry linkages, students are not getting jobs even on completion of their Ph.D. degrees, utilizing the technology would help to address the shortage of teachers.”

Pakistan Government’s focus is on the problems of Pakistan to be solved, at last, they said: “The country’s future lies in providing marketable skills to youth and enabling them to earn a respectable livelihood”.

Important PDF Files:


The reforms required in the education system of Pakistan cannot be done by the government alone, as a citizen of Pakistan, we are also responsible to help the govt. in improving the Education system in Pakistan. Only then, we will be able to pull out our beloved country from illiteracy.

Similarly, vocational and technical training should be paid attention to make skilled youth as an asset of Pakistan.

It was all about the Education System in Pakistan. You can comment your thoughts/suggestion in the comment section.

Is Formal Education in Pakistan Really Worth It?

Is formal education in pakistan worth it
Is formal education in pakistan worth it?

(Degree) Formal Education Worth it?

Please, read it completely or don’t bother to read even a paragraph because getting half of my thoughts are same as we say A little knowledge is a dangerous thing (Neem Hakeem Khatra e Jaan).

Personally, I don’t care much about the degree but I value it, meanwhile few of us don’t value it from the roots, but some people agree with the statement too which says:

“degree is nothing, we shouldn’t study at all, we can learn from Internet or through self-learning because education system is not good and we’re not being taught practically etc”

I know the education system in Pakistan is not good enough, if there are some better institutes then a poor can not afford the fee to get a better education.

It is clearly (but hiddenly) written outside of some good institutes as compared to others in common in our country.

“A Bit Better Education is not for Poor”

I know mostly orthodox teachers are left with us, they don’t want to go further and we students don’t want to go back. This is how going on, bright students exceed in the life within their field but if someone couldn’t do anything becomes a teacher.

“We have very few teachers in our country, who’re teaching with passion”

I also know what we forget to mention that we students are also not doing good enough, we ask our friends to write an assignment for us, we simply do Ctrl C + Ctrl V + Words Spinning = Assignment submitted.

It’s very rare to see people spending most of their time in a library or in a computer lab, or in chemistry, bio, physics lab to learn what we call “self-learning”. We spend our time with friends/Gfriends in cafe, outing, parties etc. We will study a day before an exam.

So, we’ve learned that Whom to blame?

  • Education System
  • Teachers
  • Students
  • who else?

A lot to discuss with problems but enough for what I am trying to say.

After these all, some people say and even suggest to others that don’t go for further education, it’s a waste of time.

I somehow a lit bit would agree to some extent but we (working online) think that if we can earn without being a degree holder then everyone can, which I say is not true.

Whatever it is, Formal education, I believe it’s important for the following reasons:

  • You get the environment that you can find nowhere else.
  • Cramming doesn’t work completely but sometimes a concept gets cleared when you read something.
  • You learn from others too in your environment, you get different minds to interact.
  • You have minds that somehow matches you, as they’re studying same subjects as you are, some of them we call bright minds or dull minds and normal minds, we get to interact with all types of mind.
  • We discuss different things and we get different ideas.
  • People feel teachers are not up to their marks but still, they are elder to you and can teach you some things and lessons, if not of a subject then a life.
  • We get networking as well for our whole life and not from our field alone but from other fields of interests too.
  • Dressing, punctuality, routine, and forcing yourself to read are important to mention too.
  • We get a chance to read or cram books which we don’t get without environment as we all are not so much books lovers.
  • We cram but still, we learn, our teachers don’t teach us well but still, we learn whether it’s small or big but we learn.

If I am writing in English or can express my thoughts, not only that if you’re reading and understanding my words then trust me an uneducated guy hardly will able to do so.

At least, we can write, read and speak to some extent and that’s because of a bit of education dose we got.

Alright, if you’re not into businesses or Computer field (and online thing especially) then you may think education will not help you much, which is wrong but let’s suppose it.

But truth to digest is that you can not become a doctor and get a job in any reputed hospital, no one is gonna allow you to make bridges or building based on your experience or knowledge alone, they’re surely gonna need to see your Degree.

Let me name a few more professions i.e Lawyers, Judges, Government Administration, Police Officers, Teacher at any Government University etc.

Except for businesses, you can not get a suitable job to earn some pennies without a degree and realize it please, that everyone cannot do business. Being realistic here.

Myths, Untold Stories, Controversy —- College Drop Out are Successful?

We often say, oh look at Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk to names a few are college dropouts and see how well successful they are.

Do you know Bill and Mark are dropouts from Harvard, HARVARD Man!, that’s not a joke and that’s a big name and they had such brilliant education that we can not compare with our Bachelor programs.

Let me tell you an interesting fact, they mostly hire toppers from Harvard and Oxford which are well-reputed Universities.

They’re hiring such brilliant minds then where are you standing? And they’re into Business, except that get a job and correct me that I am wrong in my opinion.

You’re seeing them as a role model because they are among millions who are rich, successful and drop out dudes. Go and research some stats on unsuccessful dropouts.

Our country literacy rate and other developed counties literacy rate are incomparable, developed countries tend to have very literacy rate but we being underdeveloped country citizens are thinking it doesn’t add any value to us.

There are two sides of the coin, we focus on one (success stories) but we never on the second side of the coin (stats of unsuccessful stories). We are more theory lovers, we’re not ready to be realistic.

Unsuccessful CollegeDropouts? Why anyone would discuss them? Who discuss failures? But if you research how many people drop out every year and what they’re doing, the statistics will surprise you.

The thing is, you only hear about the ones which are successful. The ones which end up failing are forgotten.

Millions of people have dropped out of college and then picked up a job in a factory or something like that. Not all of them are Mark or Bill. Again be realistic here, please.

There are many links to give you but I found this one alone suitable to share as you might know their brands.

Simple is that, meet few guys with graduate degree and guys without a degree, spend a day with them, talk to them. Whatever it is, you feel a difference for sure.

In the end, Formal Education (Degree) is Not Everything but a Formal Education (Degree) is Something, that’s still important no matters what, why and how it is.

I request you all, please don’t brainwash anyone, let people get the education even encourage them with right direction and tips.

If you want to drop out, don’t beat the drums, you know better what you’re doing but never encourage anyone to drop out. You might survive without formal education but it’s not necessarily everyone can do the same.

If you want to drop out, please make sure, you’ve got a plan in mind to do after dropping out. You should know what you’re doing. Crying over spilled milk won’t help later.

I can write more and I wish to write more on this topic but I want you to read and understand it as well, so ending up here though it’s already a long novel book. So, read this article for more.


I would love to hear your thoughts, you’re welcome to expose your opinion.

Thanks for Reading.

How to Choose a Good Niche for your Blog – Beginners Guide

How to Choose a Good Niche for your Blog
How to Choose a Good Niche for your Blog

In this article, I will write about How to Choose a Good Niche for your Blog. Before starting let me define what is the niche word actually mean? and then I will write further on selecting a great niche for your blog. So keep reading and learning.

What is a Niche?

Niche is a term used in blogging for the mean of category or a specific area of interest. You may have seen some blogs that only contain articles about health. It is because health is selected as a niche for their blog.

Also, you may have seen some blogs only contain IT-related content which is due to the fact that they selected IT as their niche.

Niche is like the pipeline of your blog. For a beginner, Niche selection is the most difficult step in blogging.

A Niche selection is not just a two world topic. Your blog is wholly solely dependent upon your Niche.

Niche has many impacts on your blog.

So selecting a suitable niche is the way to your success. People reading my article this moment might be taking niche selection an easy topic as I took it easy at my beginning level.

But trust me it is not at all easy. Niche selection is quite difficult.

As I said in the previous articles that you should select a niche of your interest because you can write very best over your area of interest.

But keep in mind your niche could be the niche of many other people as well and they can write more perfectly on that topic.

Keep in mind that you are living in this technological era and of course an era of competition. There is immense competition in the field of blogging and this competition is increasing day by day.

But still, don’t lose hope and don’t get scared of blogging.

After reading my article you will be able to search your niche and by that niche, you will be ranked on Google and will gain the traffic for sure.

What is Niche Blogging?

By the term niche blogging, it means that your blog is all about a specific niche related content. You target a specific field in your blog.

Niche blogs follow one track mind:

Niche blogs are created only when you have one goal and one focus in your mind. The purpose of your blog should be one and only one. Your blog should be run with one track mind.

My personal experience of Niche Selection:

I could give you some tips and recommendations but still, the problem arises with some people like me that they understand much better but they fear to implement.

So I would rather share my personal experience with you that can prove much helpful and beneficial for you. I was also a beginner like all my respected readers.

So I can understand the mind and viewpoint of my readers much better. And for sure I will be successful in transferring my views too.

So here I am sharing my personal experience in choosing niche selection.

How to Polish your Writing Skill:

In the start, I wrote articles for other people blogs and that was the very first and initial step of my learning that proved really helpful and from there, my interest in blogging generated.

Tip: If you ever get a chance to write articles for your friend’s blog or whoever it is, avail that chance. This is my very first advice to you people because, by my personal experience, I have observed that writing for someone else’s blog is the first step to polish your skills and increase your experience.
Rehmat Ullah

And during this process, you will learn about all these things. It is quite beneficial for that blog owner and in turn for you too.

So never miss a chance to write on someone else’s blog. By that opportunity, you could easily select the niche for your blog easily.

Now again I come to my personal experience. When I get to know how to blog so I thought why not to start my own blog.

I researched carefully about everything and finally decided to start my own blog.

How to Choose a Good Niche for your Blog:

The very first thing that raised in my mind that I am going to start my own blog but still I am unaware of my area of interest.

I got really worried and searched a lot but sometimes that search gave me nothing except disappointment.

I not only searched myself but I also preferred to seek suggestions from my seniors, my juniors, my friends, my siblings and most especially from my mentors.

Some of them gave me excellent ideas upon which I could give it a thought. Others gave me ideas according to their fields. Some people really encouraged me.

During this time, Some people badly discouraged me. Some people behaved in a completely neutral way like in a way of ignorance that either your blog get success or not we don’t care.

These sorts of discussions and chats really disappointed me in a bad way.

But there are people who always stay beside you and keep pushing you up to remain constant over your decisions.

Tip: Please don’t think of yourself as a super power. Do seek suggestions from others. It will not at all give you any harm. It will always give you benefit and will only increase your knowledge.
Rehmat Ullah

Now after all such discussions, at last, I succeeded in finding my niche. As I was an IT student. So I preferred to select the niche related to my own field.

So I selected Information Technology (IT) as the niche of my blog. The reason for selecting this niche for me is that as I am an IT student so I could write better on topics and problems that people are searching for.

How to Learn and Earn from your Niche:

The benefit for me in choosing this niche was that I learned new things regarding my field that was really beneficial for me in my studies as well as for my blog too.

Tip: So my next tip to my readers is that kindly select a suitable niche for yourselves. If you are professional and you are doing job or business like something then you can select anything and can write over it because you have plenty of time for searching, understanding, and writing.
Rehmat Ullah

But if you are under education then please try to select a suitable niche of your choice related to something your field.

It will give you much academic success and will be helpful and beneficial for your blog too.

A little drawback of selecting something completely different from your field is that you could not search properly, you cannot understand accurately and obviously, you cannot write it perfectly.

But side by side you have to keep in mind that you have to write something really unique because you own a blog and you need ranking and traffic for your blog. You will gain this ranking and traffic on the basis of your keyword research and unique content.

I give you my example; let’s suppose if I select business as my niche although I am not a business student. So what will be the problems that I will be facing?

I won’t be having any idea of how to write on business. I would have to spend a lot of my time in studying business. This could harm my study time.


So the reason of all such discussion on How to Choose a Good Niche for your Blog is that you have to select a niche of your choice and it would be good enough if it is regarding your own field.

Because you have command over your field and you can write with full confidence over that topic. When you will write for your blog, it will help you in gaining academic success and will prove successful for your blog too.

Most importantly, you should not discourage and bored with your work due to other people’s suggestions. Do it with your full interest and passion. You will get the reward for your hard work for sure.

I hope that after reading this article you will be feeling a little bit relaxed. And you will surely find a suitable niche for yourself when you will try and understand each and every word of my article.

Thanks for reading the article on How to Choose a Good Niche for your Blog. Leave a comment if you still face any issue in selecting a niche for your blog.

Introduction to Blogging for Beginners/Newbies – (2019 Guide)

Introduction to Blogging for Beginners
Introduction to Blogging for Beginners

In this article, I would like to write the introduction to a blog for beginners and explain briefly about blogging. Because nowadays blogging is very common and almost everybody is interested and in search of how to blog, why to blog, and from where should start a career in blogging.

I would touch all the important and beginning points regarding blogging so that after reading this even beginners/newbies will be encouraged to come to the field of blogging.

The meaning of a Blog:

The blog simply means adding up new material on a daily basis or sharing your views regarding your area of interest on a regular basis with your readers.

Definition of a blog:


A Blog is like your diary or magazine in which you can share your views, your observations, and your opinion regarding something and most importantly the knowledge with your readers without any hesitation.

And make sure that you update and post all such material on a regular basis to make your blog and your readers active.

Daily posting could create a very positive impact on your readers and viewers.

Difference Between Blog and a website:

Now the question may arise in your mind that what is the difference between a blog and a website? So let me clear your mind.


website is something like your online store where you can buy and sell products or where you can avail of the services provided to you.

The website is static it can’t be updated on a regular basis. It is fully professional.

It is a need for a business today like each company either of mobile phones or clothing etc. has their website.

blog is something like your diary where you share your knowledge on a regular basis.

It is interactive means you can interact with some people in a day and could create a strong network.

Make sure that the information that you are sharing is accurate, informative and educational.

What is Blogging:

The skills required for running a blog is called blogging. These skills include SEO (Search Engine Optimization), How to Publish Posts, What are the themes, plugins, affiliate marketing, etc.

what-is-bloggingTo be a successful blogger and make your blog successful, you need to be expert in the following:

  1. You need to have a skill of quality content writing. As without quality, you can’t be a successful blogger.
  2. You should follow all the rules of Search Engines like Google. In fact, a blogger should have a great skill of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to be rank in Google.
  3. You can hire freelancers of having these skills but to be a successful blogger you need to rely on your self.
  4. Also, you should be good at social media marketing.

So, if you have these skills and have patience and passionate about blogging then your successful career in blogging is guaranteed.

Why Blogging is so Popular:

Blogging has become very popular with the passage of time; Nowadays many professional people have switched to blogging.


There are several reasons for the popularity of Blogging:

  1. It is easy to blog.
  2. It is a great way to keep your readers updated and letting them know about the latest information about their interest.
  3. You can build your trust upon your readers. It makes you trustworthy for your clients and readers.
  4. Blogging can develop your writing skill more and more.
  5. It makes you a keen observer. You try to learn more and more.
  6. There you can show off your skills and let everybody know about yourself and your skills/knowledge which can make you famous.
  7. You can interact with your readers with comments that could create a strong bond.
  8. Last but not the least; blogs can generate a way of income for you in different ways like advertising and affiliate marketing.

Are there Downsides To Blogging?


Yeah there are some downsides to blogging, and they are mentioned below:

  1. Blogs demands for, For making your blog, you need to work hard. You need to update on a regular basis to engage your readers and to create a positive impact of your blog on readers as well as Search Engines.
  2. If your English writing isn’t that much strong, you will search for the freelancers and writers and hire them for writing articles for your blog.
  3. You will need to do keyword research to know about the reader’s needs as what do they search and what problems they face so that you can write on that topic.
  4. It is a matter of patience; you can’t expect an immediate income. You need to be consistent and hard working. After much hard work, you will be able to see the positive results coming.

What is a Blog and How to Create a Blog:

how can i blog

Now, this was the introduction to blogging for beginners; now I will precede my discussion up to the making of the blog.

Because after reading the above points you might be thinking how can I blog, so I am going to share all the information that will be proved useful for you.

Blogging Platforms:

A Blogging platform is a type of software that has been provided to you by which you can publish your blog to the online world or internet world.

A Blogging platform is a perfect platform for the management of your content and your views.

We have two kinds of blogging platforms:

  • Free Blogging platform.
  • Paid Blogging platform.

Free Blogging Platform:

A free Blogging platform is that platform that provides you the opportunity for publishing your blog at no cost and free.

There are various kinds of free blogging platforms where you can host your blog freely.

I would like to mention some names of free blogging platforms:

WordPressBloggerTumblrBlog.com, and Medium.com.

Free blogging platforms are those which need no domain or hosting, and you can directly start blogging there like on blogger.com.

On free platforms, we have a lot of limitations and don’t have full control over our blog.

Also in free blogging, we have a subdomain of that platform like abc.blogspot.com, so it includes the Blogspot in our blog address which is not looking good as compared to abc.com.

A free blog is not in our control and has no guarantee as it can be deleted at any time with or without any notice and can waste your whole struggle.

Paid blogging is that in which we have our own identity and everything is in our control.

To start paid blogging you need to buy a unique Domain name like abc.com, Hosting in which the full data of your blog like images, text, videos, etc., will be stored, Design (layout of your blog).

There are different Domain and Hosting providers like NamecheapBluehostGodaddy, etc.

Domain Name:

It is simply used for identifying your blog in the real internet world and among so many other blogs.

The domain name should be simple and eye catching so that more and more people will like to visit your blog.

If you don’t put the domain name, it will rather show the IP address that seems technical, and your viewers then took no interest in visiting your blog.

So that’s why keeping the right, and an attractive domain name could create a positive impression of you and your blog on visitors.


When you decide to have a blog, it means your blog will have images, text, videos and other files that should be stored somewhere on the internet to be accessed through domain you bought. For that, you need to buy paid hosting from a good hosting provider where all the data of your blog will be saved.


After setting the domain name, hosting and choosing the best suitable blogging platform, it comes to designing.

You need to develop your blog like in WordPress there are a lot of Themes and Plugins used to create your blog professionally.

By using those free or paid themes, you can make your blog eye-catching and can attract more and more readers.

Now You have setup domain, hosting and design your blog with some posts in it.

Now how people will know about your blog to visit and read your posts?

There are two main ways you can let people know of your blog:

1.    Share your blog link on Social Media with your friends and let them know.

Those who will have an interest in the topic of your blog post may visit and read your blog but how long will your share like this and how many users will you engage as most of your friends may not interested in reading your posts

2.    Second and the best way is when people search in Google, and your blog posts appear on top, and they visit directly.

Here a question comes into mind that how to convince Google to place your article on the top when people search for those keywords (topic) you wrote on.

The skill of impressing Google to put your post on top is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

SEO (How to Rank Your Blog):

First of all, think for a while that why will Google rank your blog?

Keep these points in your mind while blogging:

  1. Provide quality work as Google love quality, not quantity.
  2. Show consistency. Keep posting on a regular basis as Google love activeness.
  3. Never copy-paste any material because Google is the father of the online world, it knows that from where you copied and will ban your blog.
  4. Try to bring out new keywords searched by more people and new information to your blog.
  5. Work hard until you see the positive results forthcoming.

If you work on all these points then; As a result, you will be ranked on top in Google, and for sure you will get the traffic from the people who are in search of the quality work and some great content.

Blogging as a source of income:

Blogging is the best and easy source of income.

If your blog has good quality content and has a good amount of traffic, then you can apply as a publisher to Google Adsense.

Google will start showing advertisement on your blog, and you will get revenue for the impressions and when someone clicks on those ads.

Side by side you can do advertisements, and you can make money by affiliate marketing as well as Amazon, Clickbank, Daraz, etc.


After reading this article, you might have developed a little interest in blogging.

In the world, today blogging is becoming more and more popular. It’s not easy, its time demanding and needs hard work but hard work pays off.

If blogging is difficult for you today, it could either be more difficult tomorrow. So go for it now and make your identification in the world of blogging.

If you liked the article “Introduction to Blogging for Beginners”, kindly share it with your friends and family.

How to Create a Professional Blog in 2019 – Complete Guide for Beginners

How to Create a Professional Blog in 2019
How to Create a Professional Blog in 2019

In this article, I will let you know how to create a professional blog in 2019. I will explain all the steps involved in the creation of the blog for beginners.

There might be some people reading my article this moment knows well about blogging, but still, they fear to start blogging.

But understanding something holds no importance until and unless you don’t implement it.

How to Easily Start Creating a Blog in 2019:

A website or a blog that is well designed and gives you a custom look is a pleasure to use.

A well-designed website catches the attention of the users, delivers the information that they require, and it connects the people with the internet world.

A website shows your concern and attitude towards the people that whether you are fulfilling their needs or not.

It also indicates that either you are working only for earning money or you are working professionally for providing services to the needy people.

It shows your concern towards your work that how much professional you are.

7 Easy Steps to Create a Professional Blog in 2019:

  1. Find your area of interest
  2. Choosing the right domain name
  3. Best web hosting company
  4. Blogging Platform
  5. A perfect website design
  6. Creative mind
  7. Quality Content

Now I am explaining all these points in detail:

Area of Interest or Niche:

An area of interest is where you can work with full devotion. If you have developed a full command over your area of interest, then it is key to your success.

So now you are intended to make your blog. The first point that must arise in your mind that what should be the focus and aim of making your blog.

You have to select a suitable theme to design a professional blog. That theme regarding blogging is called a niche.

You might get confused in choosing a niche. But remember to choose a niche you are passionate about and fully devoted.

When you choose the niche of your choice and your interest, trust me you will enjoy blogging. Because blogging is not easy, but if you enjoy it then it could become easy and challenging for you.

If you write the blog of your niche, it could be a significant step of success for you because you can write very best over your area of interest and people could gain useful information from your blog that can be in turn useful for you too.

Advantages of choosing a niche:

  1. You enjoy doing your work.
  2. It motivates you to remain committed.
  3. Develops the skill of bringing innovation.
  4. By selecting a suitable niche, you love to utilize your best strength.

Ways to Find a Niche for Your Blog:

Now after sharing the importance of choosing a proper niche. I come to the question of how can I choose a suitable niche for myself? So keep up reading you will find all your answers for sure.

People reading my article this moment might have a number of skills but still, they are unaware of their skills.

And what if you have so many skills and passion but have no focus over your skills and passion then it is just useless.

So I am going to share some useful tips by which you can easily choose your niche.

In the process of finding the niche for your blog, start questioning yourself:

  1. What are your hobbies?

    Activities by yourself in free time.

  1. What things do you like and enjoy doing?

    Remind those things by which you feel pleasure and relaxation.

  1. How do you spend your free time?

    The activities that give you satisfaction.

  1. What are your favorite topics to talk about?

    Search for the topics in which your interest is naturally built and you love to have long conversation or debate over that topic.

  1. What do you enjoy reading and learning about?

    Reading and learning is something that seems a little bit boring but reading the topic that gives you pleasure and for sure you learn something by that read might be the topic of your niche.

  1. What topics do you know more than most about?

    Collect all the topics of your interest, and then analyze that topic in which you can write well and speak strongly.

  1. Are there certain classes that you have taken extensively?

    Search for the Mentors that are expert in your area of interest. And trust me this is the best ever way to polish your skills by their experiences.

Now after asking all these questions to you, most of my readers have selected a suitable niche for themselves surely.

What is a Domain Name:

After selecting your favorite niche for your website, the next step is the selection of your domain name.

Domain name is simply the identification or a link of your website like RehmatBlogger.com is my website domain name.

Some people might get confused between URL and domain name. So let me clear your confusion. URL is like RehmatBlogger.com/create-professional-blog-beginners/ while only RehmatBlogger.com is your domain name. So URL is your full web address and a domain name is actually the identity of your blog or website.

A domain name should be short, simple, unique, eye-catching. A domain name is a simple way to access your website. A Domain name defines your brand.

How to Choose a proper Domain Name?

Now I will provide you some tips and recommendations that must be kept in mind while selecting a domain name:

  1. Your domain name should be like a unique brand name.
  2. Make sure that your domain name is concise and short.
  3. Your domain name must be easy to write.
  4. Your domain name must be easy to pronounce.

Web Hosting:

After selecting a nice and easy domain name for your website or blog, it comes to web hosting.

Web hosting simply means storage for texts, images, files, videos etc of your website.

Select the best web hosting provider company. Because not all web hosters are good and the services provided by them don’t really prove useful for you.

This is the most important step in blogging because it is the base of your website.

Most of the web hosting servers have issues and make your site loading slowly. And when someone visits your website, he or she faces the issue of slow loading so they just do a click back and leave your site just because of this loading issue.

This could create a negative impact on your website on your visitors and they might don’t visit your site again.

Blogging Platform:

To create a professional blog in 2019, you need to choose a platform for your blog like WordPressJoomlaBlogger etc. I (Rehmat Ullah) will recommend WordPress as it is the easiest and most flexible platform in the market.

There are a lot of developers of WordPress due to which thousands of themes and plugins are available for WordPress to make your blog more functional and professional with a great look.

Website Design:

After selecting a suitable domain and hosting, it comes to the look and design of your website.

While designing your website, do remember that first impression of your website will be the last impression.

The content of your website and the physical appearance of your website are included in the website design.

It determines the layout, colors, and styles of text, structure, graphics, and images of any website.

The more your website looks professional, the more you will appear credible to your viewers.

You can use the different types of free and premium themes that make your website look professional.

Creative Mind:

Now you have given your website a custom look. Now you have to make yourself fully creative because you are the owner of your blog and this blog will be successful only and only when you are a creative and sharp minded person.

Let me explain you the term creative minded in this field:

A creative minded person is that person that sees information in each and everything present around and then very tactfully relates that information to his or her experiences and into the existing knowledge in order to create something new.

The more you think the more creative you will become.

How to become a Creative Mind Person?

  1. Learn something new on daily basis.
  2. Keep your vision big.
  3. Try hard and become dependent on yourself.
  4. Never stop thinking.
  5. Enjoy your life in a great way.

By applying all of the above points in your life, you can become creative for sure and think in a great manner for the success of your blog.

Create quality content:

Make sure that you are posting the quality content on your site. As we all know that Google not only demands the content but it demands the quality content to rank your blog.

If you post the quality content on your site, Google will surely rank your blog and you will gain the traffic on your site for sure.  Your blog will gain success day by day.


After reading my article, most of you have decided to create a professional blog in 2019. Most of the people have started imagining to blog. Go and do it practically, trust me you will surely enjoy blogging.

I hope I got succeeded in transferring my views to my readers. And I welcome you all to the blogging world and wish you a very best of luck.

Thanks for reading this article “How to create a professional blog in 2019 – Complete guide for beginners“.

Do leave a comment if you like it and share your experience or if you want to ask some question.